Barnecoin in talks with Cosmos and Procab

admin 7th, May 2019
Barnecoin in talks with Cosmos and Procab

Barnecoin will be having a live presentation about the project at Basel Switzerland with an ongoing partnership discussion going on with Cosmos Network and Procab Industry.

The Cosmos Network is a network of heterogeneous blockchains, blockchains which are each connected to one another via the Cosmos Hub and a standard communication layer called Interblockchain Communication protocol. The Cosmos Network is the first project being funded by the Interchain Foundation, a non-profit based in Baar.

Procab industry stands as a leading media marketing company in Switzerland and this is a move to procreate a standardized mode of payment with the industry by penetrating Switzerland with the BRN Token.

With the conjunction of these two companies, Barnecoin is likely to make a superlative move to proximate the media industry with a very high level and standard and this will be a starting point for the Barnecoin Project.